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DIVI Srl was founded in July 2015 and has a sole shareholder, Andrea W. Garwood.
The concept of DIVI originated from input received through importers around the globe. We consistently heard the same identical “pains” from our clients, no matter from what country. Organizing orders from wineries in different regions was always problematic. Language barriers, different time zones, coordinating the pick–ups, collecting analyses… it all took time away from what our clients really wanted to do, which is to sell wine. DIVI was created with this in mind… to allow importers to choose wines from regions covering the entire peninsula and the islands, and not have to think about anything else.
DIVI takes care of all the laborious tasks so the importer can focus on selecting and selling.


The main sales office is based in Trieste, Italy. Andrea takes care of all international markets, while Paris is responsible for our social media and marketing activity.

The DIVI selection includes entry level wines, boutique wines, organic and vegan wines, natural wines as well as OEM/private label options. The one criteria to be included in the DIVI Selection is that the price to quality ratio must be honest.

The DIVI selection is not static, instead, a living element, and continuously grows with new discoveries that become additions. If you are a wine producer, please contact us and perhaps we can collaborate. DIVI is always reviewing new products in order to provide our importers with a unique and vast selection.

Lastly, if an importer is searching for a specific product and DIVI does not have it, we will find it! Some of our best sellers are products that were identified for a client and have now become pillars of the selection.


No Markup

Zero markup on wine prices.

Only one invoice

One single invoice for multi-product
orders from different wineries.

Private labels & OEM

Private label and OEM are readily available.

Wine Itineraries

DIVI has access to the most beautiful and undiscovered wine makers in Italy. Let us create your dream stay in Italy.

We save you time

We take care of everything with wineries: the importer only has to deal with us.




Distribution Internationale de Vins Italiens

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